Business Design: How to Make Your Company Look Good to Visitors

Everyone has heard the saying “First impressions are lasting impressions.” There is nowhere that this is more important than your own business. How potential clients first perceive your business can make the difference between a sale and a dismal failure. You have to look successful to be successful. Methods of doing just this include the following additions to your place of business:


A Grand Entrance

No matter how much your business is making, it is always important to impress your clientele at your front door. Be sure the entrance to your business is immaculate and striking, both inside and out. Outside, your business should be properly groomed with beautiful landscaping and a solid door. If you share the building or office space with others, insist on a pristine and inviting exterior. When a group or individual walks into the front door, they should be greeted by symbols of your success: high-quality and comfortable furniture, custom sheet metal fixtures from local companies like Samin Sheet Metal, an inviting decor, interesting artwork, and live plants.



Your signage also says a lot about your company. Be sure your signs are made with fonts and spacing that are easy to read. Stay away from multiple colors and stick with one to three tones that accentuate the words. Sheet metal signage will last for a long time, resist the sun and other elements, and is easily repairable. Your logo should always be prominently displayed throughout your business. It should be on the outdoor signage, on the front reception desk, and inscribed on any pamphlets, business cards, or stationary that is used. The design of your logo should be simple but appealing. You want your company logo to be recognizable to everyone. Think of how prominent and well-known the Nike logo is to the world.



Imagine walking into office space with dead air. There is no sound, not even music, and the air itself seems lifeless. Would you be drawn to this business? Probably not. Always make sure there is light, appealing music in the background of your reception area and hallways. Make sure the air is fresh and lightly scented. Use discrete electric air fresheners and light fragrances throughout the building.


As you can see, appearing to be successful (even if you haven’t made it to this stage yet) can make a huge difference in being successful. Creating a dramatic first impression for your regular and potential customers can have you and your growing business well on your way to great success.