Give Your Employees a Break: 4 Essential Items for a Company’s Lunch Room

Your employees both need and deserve regular breaks, and you’ll want to make sure that your company’s lunch room is stocked with items that will satisfy them during their break time. By having the right items, your staff members will be able to recharge themselves better and return to work feeling happier and more energized. Here are four essential items that should be in every company break room.


A microwave offers a quicker way to heat foods so that your employees can eat faster and return to work sooner. You can choose to add a standard countertop microwave or one that attaches to a wall. Many of the best models are made from stainless steel and other sturdy materials that can withstand frequent use. If you have many staff members, you may want to consider putting in multiple microwaves to keep long lines from forming.

Ice Machine

Some of your employees may want ice in their beverages, and having an ice machine in your lunch room will provide a more convenient and desirable alternative to ice cube trays. You can purchase a standalone air-cooled ice nugget machine that also dispenses water or get a refrigerator with a built-ice machine. If you have a large staff, consider getting a machine that’s capable of producing hundreds of pounds worth of ice within a 24-hour period.

Cleaning Supplies

Even if you hire cleaners to clean your business, your break room should still be stocked with cleaning supplies. Spills and other messy accidents can happen at any moment, and your employees will be able to clean up after themselves more efficiently if you have items like sponges, paper towels, and disinfectants handy. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions made with vinegar, baking soda, and other natural ingredients will also be good for getting your lunch room cleaner with less negative environmental impact.


Having a coffeemaker will be an excellent way to reward your hardworking employees with free coffee while taking their breaks. You can get a coffeemaker that uses single-serve coffee pods to make coffee instead of having to grind beans or add scoops of ground coffee. In addition to the coffeemaker, you can furnish your break room with recyclable paper coffee cups that will save your employees the hassle of having to wash and reuse their own coffee mugs.

A well-furnished lunch room will help create a more positive work environment. If your business’s break area is stocked with the right appliances and supplies, your staff members will be likelier to show their appreciation by working harder for you.