How to Use the Cloud to Speed Up Office Operations

In spite of only being in heavy use for around a decade, cloud computing is a core tool used in countless businesses, big and small. With its ease of access and ability to allow for real-time interactions across any distance, there are endless applications that more and more companies are innovating for everything from management and accounting to day-to-day interactions with customers and employees. Whether your business is currently using it or not, there are further opportunities to make your office operations more efficient through cloud technology. Read on to discover some of the best ways to use the cloud to speed up regular internal business operations. 

Real-Time Collaboration 

One of the biggest advantages of cloud technology is its ability to provide real-time collaboration. This can take the form of multiple employees working on a document at once or chatting in a team messaging app. This keeps everyone on the same page and makes projects go a lot faster. It also makes explaining various topics or tasks to employees easier, as they can be visually shown how to do something. Many companies now use cloud-based software to allow their employees to keep open chats with one another, eliminating the delays that come in email communication and in having to try and track someone down at their desk in person. No matter where in your company someone is located, cloud applications give your employees immediate communication channels that save time and frustration on everyday interactions and tasks.

Instant Access 

Cloud software and storage provides instant access to critical files and information. Instead of having to root through file cabinets for important documentation, employees throughout the company with access can pull up digital files at a moment’s notice. This instant access means employees can get the materials and information they need to complete a task much more quickly. Of course, it will be important to keep your digital files organized so they are easily found. While physical files can be easily lost or misfiled, files stored on the cloud can be found by a quick query through a search tool even if they have been put in the wrong folder. Because they’re stored on the cloud, as well, they won’t be lost even if your computer unexpectedly fails, and can be easily re-downloaded on another computer. Cloud-based storage also often comes with added levels of security encryption, making it more secure than files simply stored on your computer. Dual-step verification options are available now for most cloud storage solutions, meaning that even if someone got into your computer, they still would be missing another component of verification to be able to get at your company’s files. In this way, cloud-based file storage is simultaneously more efficient and easy to use as well as more secure than the traditional file-storing methods.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems 

Many people still prefer to simply call a company over the phone. Fortunately, your phone system can also be updated to include cloud technology in order to improve functionality. With this system in place, you can route your office phone number straight to a mobile device, allowing employees to answer important calls from anywhere. Like most cloud solutions, an NEC Cloud Phone System offers notable savings over alternative hosted solutions. Having your phone system attached to the cloud brings together two technological benefits. Not only can you access your phone system from anywhere, whether in the office or out, but it also allows for the complex operations of transferring calls, hold lines, and conference calls that previously were reserved for landline phones that were rooted to your desk. While the traditional office setup is by no means obsolete, your company can have people answering calls and communication with customers without having to stay seated at a desk.

Case File Tracking 

Case file tracking can also be used to speed up office operations. This is different from document storage, as case files contain the ever-changing information directly relating to clients, customers, potential customers, and any open or past queries they may have submitted. It can be used to track responses and solutions to customer complaints, candidates during the hiring process, and even individual employee progress. This speeds up operations because it allows customer support agents to instantly check and keep track of communications with a client without having to repeat questions, even if they aren’t the employee that was initially reached out to. In an instant, any of your customer support agents can be completely informed on the customer and their situation just by checking the notes left by previous agents. When the customer isn’t forced to repeat their story over and over, their frustration is greatly decreased and they feel secure in your company’s ability to address their concerns efficiently and effectively.

The cloud can be used to speed up internal business operations in a number of ways. Research what options might be available to you before implementing various cloud solutions at your business. Use the cloud to help your employees be more productive and your business see better growth. As technology advances and solutions become more and more efficient, it is imperative that your company stay on top of the latest options in order to be able to compete with other companies.