Internet Service Slowing Your Business? 4 Tips for Speeding Things Up

Quick internet speeds are an integral part of the success of any business. What was once a mere convenience has become a vital component of virtually every successful company. The internet has allowed businesses to achieve more than they ever could before. However, having a slow internet connection can lower the productivity levels of employees and make it difficult to complete important, time-sensitive tasks. Therefore, if you are having issues with your internet service, it may be time to make some important adjustments. The following information provides four helpful tips for speeding your connection up in your workplace: 

Password Protect Your Network 

If your business has a lot of customers passing through its doors, many of them may appreciate it if you offer a free Wi-Fi connection. However, leaving your connection open can lead to many various issues. Not only will it leave your company and your customers more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and security breaches, but it can also potentially slow your internet speeds. This is because having too many guests on your network overloads the connection. Therefore, while it may disappoint a few of your consumers, it is best to password protect your Wi-Fi, which can help to speed things up in the long run. 

Test Your Speeds 

In order to get a better idea of your current internet speed, you may want to consider testing it using a free online tool. This will help to paint a better picture of your upload and download speeds. If you find that you are paying for a certain speed through your internet service provider and the test results are showing speeds that are consistently lower, you may be able to contact your ISP for assistance. They should be able to troubleshoot your issues and offer advice for remedying the situation. 

Use Antivirus Software 

Often, many people will overlook the importance of antivirus software. It can be incredibly helpful for businesses because it helps to prevent security breaches, which can damage the company’s reputation if they occur. It will also help to prevent viruses and other harmful programs from occurring on your devices, which can slow them down and make it difficult to navigate the internet. If you suspect a virus or other malicious software could be causing your internet to run slowly, you may want to have your devices scanned. 

Upgrade Your Plan 

If none of the previously mentioned tips have made an impact on your speeds, it may be time to upgrade your internet plan or find a new provider. Many companies will offer packages with faster internet speeds. While this may cost more money each month, it will typically be worth it due to the positive impact it will have on your company’s productivity levels. You may also want to consider switching to a different company. For example, if you are using dialup, DSL, or satellite internet, you may want to look into finding a company that offers cable internet service, which is typically the fastest. 

Overall, finding the best Wi-Fi for retail stores can be a challenge. You will need to conduct the proper research in order to get a better understanding of your connectivity issues and the best solutions for your issues. The aforementioned tips are a great place to start, and while upgrading your plan can be costly, it can be one of the best ways to speed up your internet, which can positively benefit your business and pay for itself over time.