Shipment and Storage: 4 Tricks to Streamline Your Warehouse

A warehouse can be a profitable business, but you need to have a managed shipping and storage department. These two areas are often the hub of the business, and when they aren’t run efficiently, then the entire system can break down. There are a few ways that you can ensure that these departments operate as smoothly as possible so that you can send out orders in a timely manner and correctly.

Use Technology

Since there are more people ordering online and using technology for almost every aspect of business operations, then consider utilizing this same technology in the warehouse. Install a system that tracks the inventory that you have in the building, alerting you when products start to get low so that they can be ordered. Employees can scan barcodes with apps to ensure that orders are sent and delivered.

Storage for Inventory

You don’t want excess inventory just sitting around the warehouse. It could get damaged, which would mean that new products need to be ordered, prolonging the time that it takes for the items to be shipped to the customer. Create an area where you can securely place your inventory until it’s needed. Label the shelves and areas of larger items so that it’s easier to locate what’s needed when an order is placed.┬áIt could also be a good idea to invest in storage containers from someone like Quantum Storage or a similar company. Good organization is one of the first steps to efficiency.

Focus on Fulfillment

One of the areas where employees can improve is filling orders. You need to set up a system that is easy to follow. At times, employees will wander around trying to find the inventory to put in boxes to fill orders or try to find the materials that are required on the outside of boxes for shipping information. Employees should have a list of items for each order, gathering those items at one time as they go from one department to another. Avoid backtracking by getting items from one area before going to a different area. This will save steps during the day and ensure that packages are completed faster.

Use Minimal Shipping Containers

When employees have to look through numerous shipping containers, it can take time away from packing and getting the orders sent out. Keep the number of containers to a minimum by only offering a few sizes. This will make it easier to decide what will fit inside a box or if the employee needs to use something larger.

Your warehouse can operate efficiently with a few changes. Get involved with technology as it will speed up the process of ordering, packing, and shipping. Listen to your employees to find out what they want so that everyone works together to get the job done.