3 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Digital Marketing

For small businesses on a budget, one of the best things about digital marketing is that it’s far more affordable than trying to pay for TV adverts on Channel 4 or getting a half-page ad in a prominent newspaper. Smaller businesses must look at methods they can deploy to promote better and target small groups of interested potential buyers rather than seeking to get the attention of the masses.

Here are 3 ways to grow your business using the power of digital marketing.

Infographic Marketing

An infographic is a graphical representation of some facts about an industry or a niche. Essentially, it is like a long poster that runs down the web page taking up perhaps half of the width of a blog post and running a screen or more down below the fold. The basic idea of an infographic is that it provides useful reference information, such as research or survey statistics, that a group of people will find interesting or informative.

The marketing angle comes into play when seeking to distribute the infographic to other websites covering the same general topic. An attractively presented graphic provides them with fresh content which enhances their own site as zero cost to them. Whether they have an existing post they can add it to, or wish to write a new post about the information provided, getting the infographic distributed isn’t hard to achieve.

When using digital imaging services and SEO experts who know how to market infographics effectively, many sites link back to your site as the original source which not only enhances your brand, but drives fresh traffic to your site too.

Facebook Advertising

Using Facebook advertising is effective for many niches and categories. Unlike an advertisement in a glossy magazine, a business can target specific demographics of people from certain parts of a country and show adverts just to them. Doing so makes the ad spend much more affordable (because there’s fewer ads shown) and delivers a higher return (due to targeting to potential customers directly).

Outside of targeting demographically, it’s also possible to feed in your existing contact database and Facebook can find similar people who follow the same Facebook groups and clearly have close interests that overlap. Therefore, even when you’ve exhausted contacting previous or existing customers looking to get some new business, finding similar buyers using Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences feature isn’t difficult when done intelligently through digital marketing efforts.

Email Newsletters

Skip sending out printed newsletters. They’re too costly, and unless your direct marketing is well managed, are highly ineffective too. Sending email newsletters are cost-effective because a business is not charged per newsletter sent but by how many subscribers it has. This way, the business can contact the subscribers twice a week and it’s doesn’t cost any more than sending out a message once a month. Services like aWeber and GetResponse make it easy to let people opt-in to a newsletter from your website and send confirmations to the subscriber’s inbox to confirm their action.

When operating a small company, keeping a lid on costs is a daily battle to squeeze every last pound out of expenses to maximise profits. When times are tough, not having to slash expenses in a last-ditch effort for business survival because the company has always run lean makes it possible to get through different economic times unscathed. Similarly, cost-effective digital marketing is the way to stretch the company’s marketing budget to do more with less.