4 Factors That Could Negatively Impact Your Employees’ Productivity

When employees are not performing at 100 percent every day it becomes almost impossible for a company to keep costs down and beat the competition. It is estimated that lost productivity cost employers over $550 billion annually. While many different factors affect how well your employees are likely to perform at work, here are some key areas to consider to increase productivity in the workplace:

Comfort Level

Research from Cornell University found that performance increased when temperatures in settings were maintained at 77 degrees. The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration also suggests that you control the building’s humidity so that it is between 20 and 60 percent. Therefore, you may need to install a heater or air conditioner such as those available from Comfort Zone Airconditioning & Solar PowerComfort Zone. Keep in mind the air volume that you will need to heat or cool so that you buy a big enough unit for your environment encouraging workers to stay productive.


There are still offices that expect secretaries to work on manual typewriters and to use landline phones. Productivity can be increased by making sure that your employees have the latest technology. You may even want to have someone design an app that will make their jobs easier. Computers with multiple screens, standing desks and noise-canceling headphones are all relatively inexpensive technology that may boost productivity.


Employees are more encouraged to put forth their best performances when they are motivated. That starts at the top when they see the boss working hard all the time. Employers should quickly take care of any interoffice conflicts and help to reduce the amount of gossip. Make evaluations based on set criteria that are measurable, observable and timely. The whole organization should be working together to meet common goals.


Many employees have health issues that cause them to not be as productive. Keeping these factors in mind when assigning roles when possible. It often pays to make sure that your employees have great health insurance allowing them to go to the doctor when problems are small. Larger organizations may even benefit from having a doctor come to the workplace or hiring a company nurse. When possible, think about allowing employees flex time so that they can take care of sick family members and still earn a living.

There are many ways that productivity can be increased in the workplace. While these ideas will help you start thinking in the right direction, make sure to use an open door policy so that your employees know that they can come to you with their ideas on how to increase their own productivity.