5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Buying Business Checks Online

If you are a business owner or a professional who needs to write a lot of paper checks, then you can potentially save hundreds of dollars. All you need to do is order business checks online instead of getting them from banks. Banks often overcharge customers for checkbooks. The simple reason for that is most banks don’t print the checks themselves. They buy it from third-party vendors and sell them to their customers for a profit. This means when you are buying checks from banks you are invariably paying more. Why not eliminate the middleman (your bank) and get checks directly from check printers? Most people are too afraid to make the shift. The common belief is that checks ordered from banks are somehow more ‘authentic’ than the ones available online. Here’re 5 reasons why there are no reasons to worry.

Banks Don’t Print Them Themselves: Like we mentioned before, most banks do not print the checks. They buy them from third party check printers and sell them to you for a profit.  Now, the obvious question here is how do you know the checks delivered to you are genuine? The first thing you need to do is see if the check comes with the CPSA padlock logo. Typically located near the box where you write the amount in numbers, this logo says that the check has multiple security measures that are approved by CPSA (Check Payment Systems Association).

You Get More Customization Options:  While banks allow you to enter your business information and other details, you get a lot more customization options when you buy business checks online. You can do everything from selecting the paper color to adding a company logo. Most business owners find the option to add an extra memo line extremely useful when ordering checks online. You also get to select from a wide range of background images. There is no reason to settle for boring blue shades when your check can have a printed image of the American flag or a beautiful beach destination.

You Can Buy Checks with More Security Features:   When buying online, you get the option to pick checks with more security features. These high security checks have complex colors and watermarks, which makes duplicating them almost impossible. Some companies even sell checks with special holograms that cannot be copied or duplicated.

Online Payment Is More Secure Than You Think: Why do most people only think about security when shopping online? The chances of your money being stolen while you make your way to the bank to request a new checkbook are significantly higher. Online transactions are more secure than ever. To make sure you are buying from a secure website, check to see if their URL starts with HTTPS. Also, when buying checks online it’s best to buy from sellers who are BBB accredited.

You Really Don’t Have to Coordinate with Your Bank: Most people think that if they wish to buy checks online they would need to get authorization from the bank. The process of ordering checks online is actually pretty simple and you don’t even need to call the bank. To be able to print your checks, online sellers need your account number, the bank’s routing number, and the check number of the last check of your current checkbook. That’s it.