6 Unique Ways To Advertise Your Company

Every company understands the importance and value of advertising, as this is how you reach your target audience and the wider world, and entice customers to your business. As advertising is important and so common, it means that it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. It takes a high-quality and engaging ad to make people notice whether they are watching TV, flicking through a magazine or browsing the web, which means that one great way to advertise is to look for unique platforms to advertise on. Here are a few unique ways that any brand can advertise which are sure to have a positive impact on their company.

Hold A Competition

It may not seem like it, but a competition is, essentially, an advert for your products/services without the overly promotional feel that many adverts have. By encouraging participants to share content, they are doing the hard work for you and the cost of the product/service will be recouped multiple times with new customers.

Host An Event

Hosting an event allows you to engage with the community and show why your brand is better than the competition. There are all kinds of events that you could hold, including talks on the industry, product launches, workshops or simply a summer BBQ. Always place a focus on showing brand identity through branded equipment, such as a 10×10 canopy with the company logo, and branded pens and cards, for example.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is fantastic because it can be cheap. but is highly memorable. There are endless examples to consider, and it is a great way to be creative, but there are lots of good examples online if you are looking for inspiration.


Sponsorship is an effective tool because it advertises your brand whilst also painting you in a positive light. You could consider sponsoring a local event, a sports team or a charity – in addition to brand promotion, you could even have your products/services given away as prizes.

Publicity Stunt

Nothing quite captures the public’s attention like a carefully planned publicity stunt. They are an effective advertising tool because they will get people talking and the power and reach of social media have made this even more effective. There are many great examples of previous publicity stunts online, but be sure to choose something that will not be controversial and will appeal to your target market.

Team Up With Another Business

Joining forces with another company can be a powerful way to tap into a new market and advertise your brands. Ideally, this will not be someone that you are competing with directly but still targeting similar customers. As an example, a local bridal shop could team up with a local florist and offer exclusive discounts.

Advertising is a powerful tool, but it can also be hard to stand out from the crowd when people are exposed to so many adverts on a daily basis. The above are a few creative ways to promote your brand which could have a huge impact on your success.