6 Ways To Set Your Business Apart Despite Difficult Competition

6 Ways To Set Your Business Apart Despite Difficult Competition

Promoting your brand in a saturated market may very well feel like swimming against a current. If you are overwhelmed by competition, follow these six simple tips for setting yourself apart from the crowd.


Beating the competition begins and ends with having the best product you can offer. Put a laser beam focus on quality, and you will already be ahead of the game. If you instead start focusing on trying to fulfill orders without improving your product, you could lose customers.

Customer Service

All the most successful companies know that amazing customer service is nonnegotiable. People love being treated well, and they will take their business where they feel welcomed and taken care of. By offering the best customer care possible, you are encouraging new business through word of mouth.

Online Presence

Too many entrepreneurs neglect to make a space for their company online. If your brand does not appear when the company name is typed into a search engine, your competition already has a good head start on you. At a minimum, you should have your own website and accounts with all major social media sites.


Customers are visual creatures. No matter how good your product is, a creatively packaged item can draw business elsewhere. Your product should be packaged in a beautiful way that brings attention to your brand. A unique box with your company logo, like those you can find at Contempo, can make your customer feel as if they are opening a gift. This is a great feeling to associate with your brand.

Offering Free Content

To any old-school business people, this may seem counterintuitive. If you offer potential customers free items, surely they will not pay for your goods or services. As it turns out, this is not the case. Offering your customers a taste of your product gives them a sample of the quality you offer and creates a familiarity with your product. People are more likely to purchase something they have already tried.

Keep in Touch

In an age where everything moves at the speed of light, it is important to constantly remind your customers that you exist. There is a fine line between communication and spam. Collect the contact information of your customers and anyone interested in your product. Send them a monthly or bimonthly email to let them know of any news, discounts or new products that you are offering. This communication serves the dual purpose of keeping your brand fresh in their minds and alerting your fans to relevant news.

Following these six tips will put you head and shoulders above many companies. Your brand will shine to your customers.