How to Bring Your Company Building into the Modern Age

Despite there being many at-home workers and fully online businesses in operation today, many companies still depend on a professional public workspace to do their work. However, many companies neglect to modernize the building they use. Once they set up office, they go about their daily operations while turning a blind eye to their workplace’s technology and even décor, which may make a difference. Unfortunately, this often results in an outdated building design that hurts the company’s ability to succeed. To prevent this from happening with your company, consider the following tips to bring your building into the modern age.

Upgrade with Energy-Efficient Technology

Investing in energy-efficient technology for your building can lower your company’s overhead and reduce its environmental footprint. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), space heating accounts for one-quarter of the average commercial building’s energy usage. To save energy on heating, invest in a heat pump rather than a furnace and ensure your building is properly insulated. You can also save energy in your building by replacing incandescent light fixtures with LED or CFL fixtures.

Modernize the Decor

The way in which your building is decorated will affect how customers and workers perceive your company. By modernizing the decor, you’ll project your company as a leading, modern figure in its industry. So, consider replacing outdated furniture with stylish new furniture that reflects your company’s culture. Another idea is to choose bi-fold doors for entryways instead of traditional doors.

Move IT to the Cloud

Moving your company’s information technology (IT) infrastructure to the cloud is a smart investment that will lower your building’s energy usage and save your company money on IT equipment. Rather than purchasing, installing and maintaining servers, computers and other IT equipment within your building, you can access computing resources remotely from the cloud. If you currently have an entire room or several rooms dedicated to your company’s IT equipment, moving to the cloud means that you can use this space for other purposes.

Access Control

What is access control and why does your building need it? Access control involves the use of keycard scanners, fingerprint scanners, iris scanners or similar technologies to control who enters the premises. Implementing access control in your building will allow workers to enter while keeping out nefarious individuals. Make sure to implement a system for your employees ensuring they know the importance of keeping the keycards secure. Urge the employees to replace them immediately if they are lost to ensure your business stays secure.

Install a Security System

Property theft is a serious problem that costs businesses billions of dollars each year. If your building doesn’t already have one, a security system can lower the risk of theft, vandalism and other criminal mischief while giving you peace of mind knowing that your company’s workplace is being monitored.

Don’t let a poorly designed building hinder your company’s ability to grow. A few simple changes will go a long way in keeping your company secure, preventing technological problems, and improving your reputation and first impression for new customers.