Business Location: The 3 Easiest Ways to Secure Your Building’s Parameter

Security is a major concern today. When you own a business with a lot of assets on the premises, this makes the need for increased security all the more important. Although you could spend a lot of time thinking out every security contingency for your building’s perimeter, there are really only three measures you need to take to address this aspect of your business’s security concerns.

Your Security Team

Though it may not be high tech, there is nothing like having specially trained security officers patrolling the perimeter of your company’s building.

Generally, you will want at least two individuals overseeing this process, and you may need more than that if your company operates out of a sizeable building. According to Guard EX, security guards patrolling your company’s perimeter can also provide additional protection to your employees.

Installing a Computerized Camera System

Thanks to advancements in modern technology, today’s computerized security camera systems are a fantastic way to pad the security of your building’s perimeter. With higher resolution imagery and computerized methods for detecting motion, a few well-placed cameras can make it nearly impossible for an advancing intruder to get anywhere close to your building’s perimeter unnoticed.

Using an audible or silent alarm, someone on your security team can be alerted to intercept the intruder with amazing speed and accuracy. What is even more useful is that your company’s security camera system can even hook into a mobile app that alerts you by remote and provides you with a bird’s-eye view of your company’s building: on the outside perimeter as well as the inside.

Extending Options

Since your cameras are tied into your computer network, audible alarms are only one type of response a computerized camera system is capable of providing. You can certainly extend the computer’s capabilities to provide your building’s security with other programmed options.

When motion is detected by one or more of your company’s security cameras, you may want the system to respond by turning on lights. Intruders typically do not like other people to know they are approaching under the cloak of night. Putting light on the subject can make even a seasoned thief nervous.

You may want to have the system respond by turning on high-powered sprinklers that target the subject. Nothing can ruin an intruder’s evening worse than getting soaked as they approach their objective. If they do get close to your building, nothing prevents your computerized camera system from talking to them directly through loudspeakers.

You may want the system to let them know they are being watched and that security personnel is on the way to apprehend them. It really all depends on how much you want to invest in your computerized camera system to add additional components to make it more interactive.

Installing a Fence

One sure-fire way to give an intruder a headache and keep them away from your building’s perimeter is to install a tall fence. You can easily purchase and install fences through companies like Mills Fence. While a fence is a physical obstacle made of wood, aluminum, or some other durable material, its very presence gives the impression that an intruder is not welcome.

Although it is possible to scale many fences, it is equally possible to build a custom fence with hidden surprises to make this far more treacherous and difficult for an unwanted intruder to pass this kind of security barrier.


It is late at night and an intruder might be lurking outside the perimeter of your company’s building. Without the proper security measures, you would have no idea they are even there. This is, unfortunately, the consequence of not having security.  This can leave your business vulnerable to a perimeter breach.

By taking these three simple steps to protect your building’s perimeter, you do not have to become a victim of this type of attack on your company and its assets.