Business Marketing: How Technology is Changing the Way You Reach Customers

Companies now have the means of reaching customers in more ways than ever before. That is great news because targeted audience members can be reached through different channels and more often. Here are some technologies that you may want to think about using.


Live Streaming

Even if seating at an event is limited, live streaming allows millions to watch the event unfold. Increase engagement by doing short interviews with employees or with customers using your product. Product demonstrations and creation methods are both easy to show when you use live streaming, and research shows that this is a great way to build customer trust. Live streaming can also be useful for showing behind-the-scenes videos of your company creating a more intimate experience.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality provides an increase in customer interaction in most cases. Content can be easily customized to meet different needs. Language barriers disappear with augmented reality. It is easy to use augmented reality to tell your company’s story in a way that will make an emotional connection with viewers. Numerous studies suggest that augmented reality may help increase impulse buys and decrease the number of returns.



Chatbots are changing the way that customers are reached because customers are getting the information that they need without having to download anything or grant any type of permissions. They can be used on websites to increase the level of customer service helping customers find the information they want before making a sale. These bots can also be used as a personal curator helping upsell customers. Finally, many routine customer service tasks can be handled without any human interaction needed. Research shows that customers do not mind interacting with a chatbot as long as it is highly efficient.


Text Messaging

Customers can also be reached with text messages. A business SMS service provider can help business owners divide their targeted customer list into segments allowing them to deliver more targeted messages. These services can be set up so that customers can text the company directly from the company’s website. Geofencing allows customers in a predefined geographical location to be reached with a special coupon to entice them to stop in at a brick-and-mortar location.


Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics allows companies to target customers in ways that were previously limited by the ability to analyze data. Analytics allow companies to tell which customers are more likely to become customers. Analytics can also be used alongside social media sites to target customers who may be interested in a particular product.


There are many different ways that technology is impacting the way businesses reach customers. If you are a business owner or manager, then you cannot afford to be left in the dust by your competitors when they start to use technology to reach your customers.