Customer Caretaking: 4 Final Touches To Show Your Client You Really Care

Image Source: Pexels

Business owners should attempt to create happy long-term relationships with customers. 78% of customers who leave a company or decide not to purchase a product do so because of what they feel was poor customer service. Happy customers provide repeat sales revenues, positive word-of-mouth advertising and new clients by sharing their experiences with members of their social circles. It’s important that you show your clients that you care both during and after product and service sales. Consider these four examples of final touches that leave the best impressions:

Clean Service Work Areas

Since after-work messes at a customer’s home or business can negatively impact them, always leave the area cleaner then when you started a project. For example, if you perform landscaping, use bag-style mowers so that your clients don’t have to deal with cut grass and weeds. If you perform construction tasks, hire a professional cleaning firm, like Esicon, to provide after-construction debris and dust cleanup services.

Follow-up After All Sales

Many consumers hate when sales representatives convince them to buy products/services and then never follow up to see if they were happy with their purchases. It doesn’t matter if your business sells in-store retail items or repeat maintenance or online custom bookmark printing services, check with every customer, even those who spend little, to confirm that they are happy with the results. One small follow-up call or email can turn a one-time purchaser into a loyal repeat buyer.

Offer A Surprise Gift

Customers who feel appreciated are also more likely to return to your business and promote you. Any surprise gift can create long-term positive results. For example, regularly offering 10 percent off coupons to past customers builds loyalty. Also, consider inserting partner business gift certificates into shipping packages or offering exclusive VIP merchandise and deals via email and postal mail.

Respond To Customer Reviews

Whether your business receives good or bad reviews, hire a public relations firm or task an employee to respond to every single one. When you respond with positive messages and attempts to correct errors, you show customers that you care about their experiences and that you’re willing to go above and beyond for them. You also show competitors who leave bad reviews that you’re not willing to allow them to tarnish your name or brand.


These examples are called “final touches,” but they actually help you to prevent final experiences with customers. Instead of losing clients, enjoy the benefits that come with long-term loyalty. Try one or all of these tips starting today. You will see almost immediate positive changes in sales, feedback and leads.