Employee Safety: 5 Ways to Create a Safe Work Environment in Your Company

Creating a safe work environment for all your employees will not only help to avoid expensive lawsuits and claims but will also work to boost the morale of your staff. Getting everyone in the company to prioritize health and safety takes a great deal of commitment. The good news is that it will make your employees happy, healthy and productive.

Maintain your Premises
If your premises lack the required structural integrity, they may pose serious hazards for your employees. Getting the buildings inspected on a regular basis will help you eliminate any potential dangers that may threaten the safety of your workers. Improving exterior pathways, deicing walkways and rubber padding stairway steps will go a long way in promoting the safety of your employees.

Use Safety Gear
Ensuring that all your employees use protective safety gear will also help to create a safe and healthy environment. Depending on the nature of your business, employees should be required to use helmets, safety goggles, special shoes, aprons or fire-retardant outfits. If your employees use machines, it would be necessary to train them on how to use and maintain the machines. Training programs such as those offered at Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre would be extremely beneficial.

Promote Health Codes
Healthy employees are more likely to be productive, helping you to achieve your business goals and objectives. Since hand washing is a critical aspect of keeping the workplace safe for everyone, it would be important to place simple signs in restrooms as well as around sinks. The notices will work to remind your employees about health codes.

Designate Proper Emergency Exits
You must also ensure that there are proper and clearly marked emergency exits in case of hazards such as fires. Having a protocol to be followed in the event of an emergency will give your workers the peace of mind they need and guide your visitors and clients on how to move to a safe place when there is an emergency. Performing emergency drills regularly will help to educate employees on what to do in such situations.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing
Drugs and alcohol will not only impair judgment but also undermine the physical abilities of your employees. This will put both the affected worker and their colleagues at risk. You should consider doing pre-employment drug testing to ensure that prospective employees are not dependent on these substances.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Since there are many more measures that you can take to promote employee safety, you should avoid complacency and encourage your entire workforce to do the same.