How to Find an Ideal Base of Operations for Your New Enterprise

The search for the ideal base of operations for your small business enterprise is an important part of establishing your business. It gives your business an identity that is locally recognized within the community you choose to operate. It also houses your business assets, and becomes the place where your daily operations will be carried out for doing business. The following are a few items to consider when searching for an adequate base of operations.


When it comes to identifying a new base of operation, businesses seek for real estate that stands in the path of massive traffic. By positioning your business in the path of highest concentrated traffic, your business becomes highly visible to potential customers. Some companies, like Spradlin Bros Welding Co., know that you should be sure to get around to welding a new sign for your small business so that potential customers can clearly identify your business.


The size of your base of operations outlines how much square footage you have with which to operate. If you have a lot of square footage, then you will be able to accommodate many assets and quite a few workers. However, depending on your business model, you may not need that much square footage. A relatively small storefront and a couple of employees may be all that is required for carrying out your daily operations.

Type of Building

The type of building you operate out of will in many ways accommodate the type of business you will do. A large office building with many floors and elevators will tend to house a different type of business than an anchor store of a small strip mall, for example. The type of building you operate out of will tend to attract a different type of clientele also.


The physical location of your business will help to outline various points of accessibility. You may have limited parking and be accessible more by foot traffic. You may have expanded parking, and be accessible by vast numbers of customers at once. You may be near or far from other amenities. The accessibility factors can even affect how you do business in some situations.

Your business needs to start somewhere. By establishing your base of operations, you are beginning a journey that will define the story behind your business in your local community. You are also making your business a tangible entity that can be accessed by employees and consumers alike. Considerable thought should go into how and where you set up your base of operations with careful consideration to how permanent you intend your base of operation to be within your home community.