Launching Your Small Business? 4 Benefits of Using Text Messaging to Communicate with Customers

If you are launching a small business, there are a lot of things that you need to get right. However, the most important is that you maintain great communication with your customers. This is not just about posting on social media or having good customer service in your store. It may even mean leveraging text messaging too. Here is why:

Instant Communication

As any business sms service provider will tell you, there is a lot of value in instant communication. When you can get in touch with your market at any time, you have a lot of opportunities.

For instance, perhaps you want to run a quick sale for one day only. With traditional communication, that would be impossible. First, you might have to print fliers up. Then, you would have to rush to hang them. Then, you have to hope that someone sees them in the first place, spending money the whole time. That is not the case with texting, which is far superior.

Direct Line and No Gatekeeper

You don’t want to have to go through someone else to talk with your customers. However, that is what happens when you go through a third party. In fact, that is even the case with social media and email. They can censor your content or remove you from their platform overnight. With a phone number and text messages, you can control the communication you have with your customers, which is the way it should be, after all.

Free to Use

Your small business cannot afford to be paying for everything under the sun. You need to cut costs somewhere. Expensive messaging platforms via social media or websites can add up quickly. However, text messaging is free and therefore is a great asset to a company that still needs to grow.

Everyone Has a Phone

If you want to tap into the largest section of your market possible, then it might as well be phone owners. Everyone today has a phone and checks their texts. This is even more powerful because now you can almost guarantee that they will see your messages, whether it is a service announcement or promotion. People check their phones several times a day, so they will notice your message and be sure to see it in a timely manner as well.

The four benefits of text messaging above are only some of the reasons you should use texting in your small business. Running a company that will grow is not easy or initially inexpensive. Therefore, you should not make it harder on yourself. Instead of reinventing the wheel, use a method that already works and enjoy a stronger brand.