How to Manage Your NYC Corporate Event

New York City is a fast-paced environment and the sheer density of the businesses there, from Wall Street to Madison Avenue, means that your corporate event better be top of the line or else you’ll be the talk of the town, and not in the positive way you’d like. From event space, to corporate catering, to the timing of what you’re planning, there are a lot of aspects to think about when you put a pin in the calendar and send out invites.


Let’s Start with the Menu

 A good corporate caterer in Manhattan will have their finger on the pulse of the city that never sleeps and will know what’s in and what’s not. The great thing about turning the menu over to them is that they can offer a variety of items, whether it’s a breakfast, lunch, or dinner that will satisfy even the pickiest eater you’ve invited. A buffet that includes both hot and cold dishes will work a lot better than a sit-down menu with limited options. Unless the event is on the formal side, let your guests have a lot of options and they’ll never notice there’s something they don’t like.


Pick a Theme, Then a Space

The number of places you can rent in NYC for your corporate event is daunting. Your corporate caterer can perform their tasks almost anywhere given a little notice so concentrate on the where and when. Pick a place that suits the theme of your event or the theme of your company (or your client’s) and go from there. Choose a venue that’s easy to get to based on how most of your guests will be traveling. You don’t want people looking for parking for an hour instead of being impressed by the party you’ve painstakingly organized. If the place is within a larger property, like a private club, rooftop, or ballroom, be sure to be specific on your invitation so people aren’t wandering around trying to find the bash, either.


Timing can be Everything


The timing of your event can have a major impact on how it’s received, so take your timing into account. On the annual calendar, stay away from the middle of summer and the dead of winter, for temperature, vacation, and holidays reasons. As for the day of the week, if it’s more of a seminar, go with Tuesday or Thursday so people aren’t lagging from or getting ready for the weekend. If it’s more of a fun event, the end of the week works better.


To pull off a great event, sweat the details while you’re organizing so you can be or at least seem to relax on the big day.