How to Manicure and Organize Your Business for Maximum Efficiency

A well-kept business enhances efficiency and provides a sense of pride. Maintaining an aesthetically appealing business requires time, energy and money, but your investment will be worthwhile when it comes to boosting productivity. Consider these four tips for manicuring and organizing your business inside and out for optimal efficiency.

Maintaining Uncluttered Storage Areas

Most businesses have storage areas where supplies and equipment are kept. It is easy to allow these areas to get out of control and become filled with clutter. Take one day to thoroughly clean out the storage areas. Properly recycle, donate or dispose of supplies and equipment that you no longer need. Once the area is uncluttered, maintaining the organized storage space will only take a few hours each month.

Keeping the Property Clean

Keeping your property clean enhances the efficiency and productivity of your employees. Inside, keep the pathways, aisles and common areas free of trash and clutter. Make sure that recycling and trash bins are emptied daily. Outside, keep the grassy areas and sidewalks clean and free of litter. Have the landscaping crew come in regularly to remove weeds, manicure flower beds and shrubs, and mow the lawn.

Updating the Siding on Your Business

If the siding on your business is dented, dingy or dated, updating it is certain to improve the aesthetics of the building. Some companies, like Lifetime Exteriors, know that you should consider a siding that reflects sunlight, such as white or other light colors. If you want to be environmentally friendly, choose recycled materials. Today’s new siding options are energy-efficient and deliver a clean, fresh look to your business.

Paving the Parking Lot and Driveway

Over the years, your parking lot and driveway may have developed potholes, cracks and rough spots. Not only are these issues unsightly, but they also present a risk of slip-and-fall accidents and damage to vehicles. Once every one to three years, have the parking lot sealed or repaved. Consider installing drainage systems to reduce the risk of pooling water that promotes potholes. Have parking spaces clearly marked on the freshly paved parking lot.

A well-maintained business inspires your staff and visitors to be respectful of the space. Employees will feel proud of their workplace and will be more likely to work efficiently and diligently at their jobs. Staying organized and keeping the premises clean is a team effort, and everyone should be encouraged to pitch in their energy. By working together, your managers and employees can enjoy a productive, clean, attractive and efficient work environment.