Rejoining the Workforce: 4 Temporary Jobs to Help You Make the Transition

If you’ve decided that it’s time for you to rejoin the workplace, you should begin acquiring marketable job skills immediately. Note that there are many temporary jobs you can take to build skills and expedite your transition back into the world of work. Here are four of them:

Sales Representatives

Sales representatives are individuals who sell the products and services provided by a business to the consumer. This type of position will help you acquire the type of diverse skill set that makes you marketable in numerous fields, including marketing, business, public relations, retail, and health and fitness. Any business that hires people to sell its goods is fair game.

Administrative Assistant

If you’re serious about making the transition into the work world, be sure to consider attaining a temp position as an administrative assistant. This position enables you to attain a wide range of skills that will be immensely marketable for almost any company under the sun that maintains an office. As noted in Chronicle, some of the skills that you’ll likely acquire through this position include:

  • Technology Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Ability
  • Written Expression
  • Time Management
  • Technical Oversight
  • Management
  • Problem-Solving Skills

Customer Service Representative

As noted in Forbes, one of the fastest-growing temp jobs is that of a customer service representative. These individuals are responsible for providing customers with the information they need to make their experience with the brand positive and productive. Customer service representatives also address and resolve complaints that clients may have.


Another temp job that you might consider taking on as you transition back into the world of traditional work is that of a mover like Wheaton World Wide Moving or someone similar. This role involves movers loading and unloading furniture and other material items from one location to another. Movers can do this work in commercial and/or residential contexts. The organizational and managerial skills acquired through this temp work can prepare you to attain a long-term position in the field.

If you’ve recently decided that it’s time to reenter the traditional world of work, attaining a temp job can expedite and optimize the process. Four temp jobs that you may want to consider taking include sales representatives, movers, administrative assistants, and customer service representatives. Utilize the information found in this quick reference guide to help you determine which temp job would be appropriate or ideal for you!