Safe Shipping: How to Move Your Products Long Distances

Taking the time to plan your long-distance move carefully can help you avoid common setbacks along the way. Consider the differences between a local move and a long-distance move in your pre-moving plan. Note that trucking regulations prohibit more than 11 hours of continuous driving. Give yourself enough rest time to ensure safe trucking. Whether it’s your first ever long-distance journey or you just want to ensure your next goes as scheduled, the following tips can be helpful.

Obtain In-Home Moving Estimates

Ask a local moving company to conduct a visual survey of all the items you are moving. This helps you get a feel of the moving company and helps them plan out their moving process as well. In-home moving estimates give an accurate price for your long-distance move. Be wary of a company that does not want to perform an in-home survey. You may be dealing with a broker instead of the actual moving agency.


Insure Your Stuff

A lot can happen to your stuff across a large stretch of miles in the back of a truck, especially if handled by numerous crews during loading and unloading. A long-distance move can be risky. In a recent study, American Moving & Storage Association found that over 80% of all long-distance moves have no claim field, meaning up to 20% do. As such, prepare for anything, and get proper coverage. A Las Vegas Commercial Truck Accident Attorney recommends checking to see that your truck company is properly insured as well.


Pack for a Long Haul

It is likely your items will be handled by numerous crews and ride in the back of a truck over thousands of miles during the journey. Confirm that each box and container is packed to the top and nothing is loose. Everything should be well cushioned inside a container or box. Containers should be well sealed considering they may be turned upside or downside at some point. That means you will be required to buy quality moving boxes instead of used fashion store boxes or other low-grade alternatives.



The cost of a long-distance move is often based on the weight of items you ship. The more you ship, the higher the cost. It is always good to go through your stuff and decide what is useful and what you can get rid of. Take a moment to figure out what items will not be needed at your new home. If you are moving from Michigan to Florida, chances are, you will not need to move with your snow blower. You may consider donating unneeded items to charity organizations such as Salvation Army.


A long-distance move is an undeniably stressful and expensive experience, but it doesn’t have to be if you hire professional movers. Professional movers ensure you don’t encounter obvious pitfalls of a corporate move. They handle the packing, loading, and unloading while you handle the smaller details such as arranging the office.