How to Take Care of Customers around the Clock and Maximize Retention

For any business, taking good care of its customers is perhaps the most important way to stay successful. Whether it’s providing outstanding customer service when a problem arises or always being known as the business that has exactly what customers need when they need it most, being able to satisfy customer needs is a must in today’s competitive business environment. However, as customer expectations have increased and technology is used by more businesses in many ways, being able to take care of customers 24/7 is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. If your business needs to do this with its customers, here are the best ways to do so.

Have an Up-to-Date Blog

Since customers are online 24/7, having an up-to-date website will go far in providing your customers with the latest information about your products or services. For many businesses, always keeping their blog updated will entice customers to stick around, since they will realize new and interesting information is just around the corner.

FAQ, Forums, and Tutorials

Along with having a blog with new articles on it almost daily, it’s important to take advantage of other areas of a website. For many customers, problems can be solved through using a combination of FAQ, forums, and video tutorials. By using these tools, customers can get questions answered and problems solved while a business does not have to hire additional employees. This is especially true with community forums, since a customer can get a question answered by another customer, as well as find out additional information about products or services.

After-Hours Answering Service

If your business wants to increase its customer service response time, using an after-hours answering service is a great option. Since customers know they will be able to speak to a live person who is well-trained in handling their issues, they have much more confidence in getting their problem solved immediately. And along with this, companies also gain the benefit of knowing they won’t miss any customer calls, which can sometimes lead customers to other companies. Ultimately, virtually any business that chooses to use an after-hours answering service will have higher customer retention rates, since they will gain a reputation for being there day and night.

Quickly Respond to Emails

While email may not be quite as popular today as in years past, many customers and companies still rely on it for a vast majority of their communication. Because of this, it’s important to use the latest technology to allow your company to respond to email as fast as possible. This is vital for email that is sent after-hours, since customers don’t want to wait hours and hours for a response. To keep this from happening, automatic email response systems work well. While a specific question may not get answered, customers appreciate having their email acknowledged in a prompt manner. However, many companies are now turning to what are known as “quick reply” systems. Consisting of pre-written emails covering many common topics, they can be sent quickly to customers day or night, often providing the answers customers need. So while text messages may be forging ahead of emails, using this technology shows that email still plays a large role in keeping customers satisfied and coming back to your business year after year.

As competition in all industries increases, customer care and retention is the key to success for any business. Whether you are responding to an email at 3 AM, on a Saturday morning, posting a video tutorial, or having a customer service rep at a call center explaining how a product works, utilizing these resources will keep your customers happy with your efforts.