Tips on Renting and Running a Farmers Market Booth

Sale at a farmer's marketFor businesses and professionals, event marketing can be an excellent way to get you and your products out in the hands of real people, and allows you an opportunity to meet people in a friendly space where they might be interested to learn more. There are tons of different kinds of events that can fit this need, but one continuous strategy for event marketing is to use farmers markets, since they tend to run for a long time and draw large crowds. You don’t have to be a farmer, or selling produce, in order to get a booth to promote your business. However, this venue can be especially beneficial for homemade products. Farmers markets are community events that score major points with locals. Here are some tips for renting and running a farmers market booth to get the most of it…

Research every event before putting money into it

First of all, understand that you usually need to pay some fees to get access to a farmers market. Typically, you pay for different kinds of booth space by either paying an upfront fee, a percentage of your revenue, or a mixture of both. For this reason, you want to make sure that the amount you are putting in is getting you into an event that is going to be worth it to you. Always research how many people are expected to be at an event before dropping money on it, as it could be a waste of your time and money not to.
Farmer's market booth
Be ready for outdoor conditions

One mistake that many people make when they are new to outdoor events like farmers markets is that they fail to plan for the outdoor conditions. Even if you are going to be in the shade at your booth space for most of the day, these events can still get quite hot (or chilly), and you need to plan accordingly. Always make sure to have lots of water on hand, at farmers markets, as you don’t want to get dehydrated. Offering water to guests can also be an excellent icebreaker that can pay major dividends. Also, insects can also be problematic at farmers market events. Make sure that you get spray to repel mosquitos and other obnoxious bugs.

Find extra ways to get attention

The key to being successful at a farmers market is to become a hub in the entire event. You don’t want to blend in the crowd. If you do, then it won’t matter how many thousands of people attend the event, because all they are going to do is walk by your booth to something that interests them more. For this reason, you need to plan ways to get the attention of guests before you show up to the event. For example, using large displays that people can interact with is always going to catch someone’s eyes. Another way to get people’s attention is to use music or announcements from a PA system, if the event will allow you to do this. Just make sure that you take good care of your audio equipment, as outdoor conditions can be quite difficult on speakers and such!.

Consider eco-friendly products

Whenever you go to any sort of event, you want to make sure that you are considering the type of audience that you will be attracting at that event. For example, business conventions within your industry are going to bring in a very obvious type of customer. Farmers markets, though, are going to bring in a very local-first crowd, and they tend to have very specific consumption tastes. Notably, people at farmers markets tend to value eco-friendly products a lot more than the general population, and is willing to pay for that distinction. For this reason, it is going to be worth it to make sure that your promotional products and swag that you are offering fits into an eco-friendly mold, as it will give you much better farmers market credibility.
Chalkboard sign
Be personable and make relationships

The whole point of farmers markets and marketing at events, in general, is to get you and your business in front of real people to interact with, so that they can put a friendly face and smile to a brand. For this reason, it isn’t doing you any favors to be standoffish. Not only are you preventing these people from interacting with your business or buying a product at the market, but you are failing to set up a customer base that will come back for more, long after the event is over. Being friendly and personable helps people remember you and associate a friendship and lasting connection with your brand. This is one of the largest benefits of farmers markets, and should be something to strive toward.