Understanding Your Business’s Reputation: 4 Tips for Managing Online Reviews

Running a business today in the world of social media and the internet is vastly different than it has been in the past. There are a lot more dangers out there that can absolutely devastate your company’s viability. One of these is online reputation. A negative story regarding your business that goes viral can ruin your company’s reputation almost overnight. 

To defend against this possibility, you need to be proactive in trying to manage your online reputation. This includes managing online reviews. To a large extent, online reviews help determine people’s buying decisions. Below are four tips that can help. 

Track Online Reviews 

First, you need to be aware of a problem to deal with it. If you don’t track online reviews, you may notice a downturn in your business with seemingly no explanation behind it. However, an online review you don’t know about could be turning customers away in droves. Implement software and technology to track what people are saying about you online. This may require the use of an entity extraction tool integrated into a big data strategy. 

Respond to Negative Reviews 

Some people think you should respond to every review. However, responding to positive reviews can seem like patting yourself on the back. What you should do, on the other hand, is respond to every negative review. Try to reach out to the reviewer and see if there is anything you can do to fix their problem. Chances are you can make that person happy again so you don’t permanently lose their business. 

Use Online Reviews to Pinpoint Problems 

Negative online reviews are actually excellent tools to use to pinpoint problems in your business that need to be addressed. If you repeatedly get negative reviews for poor service, you should investigate the source of the issues. You may discover problem employees who have indeed been treating customers poorly. 

Keep It Professional 

Don’t take negative reviews personally, or at least don’t show it to customers. Many companies come off as defensive or even hostile when responding to negative reviews. This can multiply the negative effect on your business. Instead, always remain professional and courteous even when customers are expressing their displeasure. 

Online reputation is vitally important to your success in today’s marketplace. Many customers make their decisions regarding which companies to give business to based on online reviews alone. Do what you can to manage your online reviews. If you can acquire more positive reviews than negative, the benefit to your company can be massive.