Customer business plan service reviews of the best business plan writing services. We’ve made it easy to review and compare the best business plan services. Compare business plan service reviews and ratings of the following business plan services.

ServiceLowest CostReviewRating
Growthink$1200For 10 years, Growthink has provided business plan services to more than 2,000 satisfied clients including startups and Fortune 1000 companies. Growthink Reviews


3 Reviews
BizPlanIt$1295Bizplanit has been in the business plan writing and consulting game since 1997 and have helped thousands create successful business plans. Read BizPlanIt Reviews.


3 Reviews
MasterPlans$900Their immense experience (completed over 7000 business plans) allows them to complete your plan in about a week. Masterplans Reviews


2 Reviews
SMG$75020 years of hands on industry experience in investments and business plan writing. SMG Reviews


4 Reviews
MasterPapers$450Writing service is focused on time delivery, superior quality, creativity, and originality for every business plan. MasterPapers Reviews


2 Reviews
New Century$650Provide the business plan that will enable you to obtain financing, plan your business and run your company. New Century Reviews No Reviews

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Tips on How to Choose a Business Plan Writing Service

1.    Success Rate – Instantly, most people want to look at the success rate of a business plan writing service.  Unfortunately, this number is very misleading and overall, it is not very helpful.  A lot of business writing services are quick to point out their success rate, and they are normally almost unbelievably high.

What defines success?  Their business plan got them a loan, it must have been a success.  But what if the loan was only half of the money they needed or had an interest rate that was through the roof?  Is it still a success?

While a success rate is important to look at, there are other indicators that can give you an idea of how good a business plan writing service really is.  Look at a list of former clients, ask for references (with a way to contact them), or just ask them what their success rate actually is.

2.    Cost – You should never use a business plan writing service that charges the same flat rate to everyone.  While flat rates are fine, they should not be universally constant.  If they are, then you can expect that they give everyone the same amount of attention, which isn’t always a good thing.  Since writing a business plan requires some leg work on their end, their price to reflect variables like market size, concept complexity, financial model complexity, and much more.  If you pay for a cookie-cutter price, then you will get a cookie cutter business plan.

3.    Communication – If the business plan writing service will only talk to once before creating your business plan, then you may want to shy away from them (or it had better be a really long conversation).  Understanding you business, especially its finances, growth opportunities, and projected future should take more than a 10 minute conversation.  The best business plan writing services will talk to you throughout the entire process, you will essentially be part of the team because it is your business.

Choosing the right business plan writing service isn’t the easiest decision, but that is no excuse for making a bad one.  Choose a businesses plan writing service that is dedicated and professional.  Take the success rate for what it really is, don’t settle for cookie-cutter business plans, and make sure that you can stay involved during the writing process, if only as a source of information and idea refinement.

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