Customer business plan software reviews of the best business plan software packages. We’ve made it easy to review and compare the best business plan software. Compare business plan software reviews and ratings of the following business plan software.

SoftwareLowest Cost ReviewRating
Business Plan Pro$99.95For 15 years, Business Plan Pro has been the world's most popular business plan software. Includes over 500 sample business plans. Business Plan Pro Reviews


7 Reviews
Biz Plan Builder

$129.95Biz Plan Builder makes it easy for you to organize your ideas, calculate your costs, your profits, and express your business vision with clarity. Biz Plan Builder Reviews


4 Reviews
PlanMagic$99.95PlanMagic is the fastest, easiest business plan software on the market. It offers the necessary flexibility and the structure is the preferred plan format today. PlanMagic Reviews


4 Reviews
QuickPlan$195The original comprehensive business plan software developed by people from each industry for each industry. Includes complete and real business plans based on real facilities and operating figures - not a template or outline. QuickPlan Reviews


2 Reviews
PlanWrite$119.95Includes every feature needed to write a business plan for any business
including the features of other software's premier edition. PlanWrite Reviews


1 Review

Tips to Choosing the Best Business Plan Software For Your Business

1.    Flexibility – While it goes without saying, every business is different.  More importantly, the software being used to design a business plan needs to be applicable to the business.  A new coffee house will not have a business plan that looks anything near to a diaper manufacturer.  To be the right business plan software for your business, it needs to be able to be tailored, at minimum, to your industry. However, if you can find even more specific business planning software the best off you will be.  For example, while “hospitality business plan” software is good, “hotel business plan software” is even better.

2.    A Little Bit Of Everything – In order for business planning software to create everything that need, it must be part word processor and part spreadsheet creator.  Your business plan must not only be well thought out and well written, but must also have all of the necessary financials as well.  To create a compelling business plan, the software needs to be able to bring everything together in a succinct and harmonious way.

3.    Versatile (Bonus) Tools – Most people look for software that has great templates and a solid financials arena, but there are some “bonus” tools that are becoming more and more common.  These tools are becoming more standardized in the elite pieces of business plan writing software and should always be expected.

One tool is a document converter.  While it is important to be able to work in .doc format, it is no longer considered a very professional format if you sending a professional document.  PDF’s are best because they cannot be altered by 3rd party individuals, even on accident.  A PDF converter is a great tool to have.

Along with .doc templates, power point templates are growing in popularity.  More often than not, you will need to make a presentation that accompanies your business plan and it reflects poorly on your business if the plan is great but the power point presentation looks like it was put together by a 5th grader.

There are a number of great pieces of business plan writing software available, but it is up to you to find the one that suits you the best.  In order to make your choice, it is first important that you find software that is compatible to your industry and flexible enough to apply to your niche within the industry.  Next, look at what the software does and make sure that it can effectively create the documents that you need both financially as well as with the written word.  If you still have several choices remaining, take a look and choose the software that has the tools that you will find the most useful.