5 Reasons Great Employees Leave Good Jobs

When you’re an employer, you have the power to create the work environment of your dreams. However, you have to consider that an employee might have a different perspective. While you can work hard to make sure you create an incredible work environment, accept the fact that there will always be a reason why someone leaves. It doesn’t matter how good the job might be. Consider these five reasons great employees leave good jobs.

Toxic Co-workers

If the job is great, but the co-workers are back-biting gossipers, this can ruin an employee’s experience. Many medium and small size companies that don’t have an in-office HR department feel trapped. It’s so important to cultivate a positive environment within the workplace. Unprofessional behavior should never be tolerated. If your employees make fun of sexual harassment, discrimination, and HIPPA seminars then you have a red flag that they don’t take those things seriously and employees may be suffering in silence. 

Uncomfortable Working Environment

If your workplace is sweltering hot in the summertime and freezing in the wintertime, you’re going to deal with some disgruntled employees. Even if they’re passionate about the work and love what they do, no one deserves to be uncomfortable in a cubicle for eight hours. Take care of the physical office by checking the air conditioning systems. Keep it at an acceptable temperature. Decorate the office. Purchase comfortable chairs for the employees to sit in. Hire cleaning services to take care of the common areas like the bathroom, lounge, garbage, and kitchen area. If you work at an old building without potable water, make sure you invest in a service so employees feel comfortable drinking water at work. If you don’t want to use the main restrooms, then they won’t either. Remodeling a bathroom is cheaper than constant employee turnover.

No Upward Mobility

If you’ve hired a great employee, they’ll want to do their best to improve. As they improve and master their craft, they’re going to want to get a promotion. If there’s no upward mobility, there’s a cap on how much their performance will be rewarded. Make sure that a good job can eventually turn into a great job for a deserving employee. If an employee has been an asset and loyal it may be more beneficial to give them a competitive salary than to start over with someone green. If you don’t show your employees you value them they won’t stay around.

Work/Life Balance

So many people are realizing the importance of living life in the moment. This means more people don’t want to wait until retirement to travel and spend time with their family. If the office hours require employees to work long hours, they don’t get a chance to clock out and live life. This can easily lead to burnout, and no great employee is attracted to burnout. Make sure everyone is adequately compensated for the time they work. If you need them to stay late for an end of quarter presentation, then let them leave early the following week. Balance your needs and theirs.

Terrible Benefits

If you don’t have a competitive benefits package for your employees, this means that probably have to worry about their own healthcare coverage, retirement plan and more. It’s not enough to pay your employees a good salary. Make sure you include a great benefits package that is compelling when people look at similar jobs. Separate sick time from PTO. Let them know you care about their personal lives and health. If you treat them disposably they will treat the job the same way.

If you’re an employer who wants to retain great talent, develop a hiring process that allows you to attract the best. Additionally, take it a step further by creating a work culture that invites the best to stay. When you’re able to gain momentum with a team whose core values and desires align with the company’s, you’ll be in great shape.