Getting Off the Ground: 5 Tips for Growing Businesses Through Digital Advertising

Growing businesses need to make their digital presence known but they often face economic hurdles. If your growing business has a slim digital marketing budget, then here are five tips on how to use those funds wisely. 

Digital Targeting 

Digital targeting strategies are on the rise thanks to artificial intelligence. The flood of consumer-generated data gives marketers the opportunity to predict consumer behavior and target specific interests, and not just by age and interest, but also by devices and time of day. Usually referred to as addressable advertising marketing services, digital marketers are able to increase the impact of traditional television advertising by personalizing ads for each viewer. This level of finely-tuned targeting increases your ROI and puts your limited dollars to maximum use. 

Digital Promotions 

Digital promotions use the same kind of targeting strategies used in digital marketing but with an added incentive. By promoting your product or service, marketers are able to gauge customer interest and receive individual feedback. This information can further hone your overall marketing strategy. 

Multi-Screen Presence 

Multi-screen presence refers to consumer behavioral trends where target audiences engage with multiple screens at the same time. A person can watch television while simultaneously using their smart phone or tablet. With so many screens available, marketers can meet their target audience through a variety of mediums. 

Digital Outdoor Advertising 

For businesses that don’t want to rely on any one digital platform, some start-ups are offering a hybrid digital/physical world advertising strategy. The idea serves to provide businesses an escape from Facebook-like algorithms and a chance to catch the eye of less-targeted audiences. It is a direct-to-consumer approach that can be successful if used as part of a greater marketing strategy. 

Business-to-Business Marketing 

Direct-to-consumer marketing is effective for many growing businesses, but there are also opportunities to market to other businesses. In terms of digital marketing, often the best way to get your product or service attention from other businesses is through digital marketplaces. In 2019, growing businesses can expect to see apps that are dedicated to wholesale markets of goods and services. Promoting your goods or services on these apps can help your business establish on-going partnerships. 

In short, there are a variety of ways that growing businesses can leverage digital marketing strategies. Whether direct-to-consumer, business-to-business or a combination of both, choosing the best digital marketing strategy means choosing one that meets a variety of needs.